A Hub for Neighborhood Wellness

Centralizing Health and Social Services


The Commerce City Community Campus (C4) centralizes health and social services in one physical location and activates: 

  • Innovation: Creating a Hub for Neighborhood Wellness
  • Purposeful Design in a Repurposed Space
  • The Voice of Community: Responding to the Needs of Families and a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Collaboration: Strategic Partnership to Provide Holistic Care


C4 is leveraging an existing community landmark, previously the County Human Services building, already occupied by collaborating social service agencies committed to addressing the Social Determinants of Health. KIND and Kids First are raising funds to repurpose portions of the building for clinical spaces. By adding healthcare services…

…The C4 is poised to become an innovative model for neighborhood wellness!

  • Conveniently located near the 72nd Street N-Line Light Rail Station & multiple RTD bus stops
  • Walking distance to two low-income Adams County schools
  • Nearby planned affordable housing development


Commerce City residents face a variety of social challenges known to impede health and drive high lifetime costs for families, communities, and systems.

  68% of families have co-existing health and Social Determinants of Health (SD0H) challenges
72%of Commerce City residents in the C4 area is low-to-moderate income.
  81% average of service population identifying as non-Caucasian in the race.
  83% of the C4 district’s children meet free-and-reduced lunch criteria.

Fragmented care and disjointed services create another layer of challenge.

  • To learn more about becoming a community partner to inform this work – contact Sharlene.

Families need a hub they can become familiar and comfortable with. When they know what to expect they are more likely to follow through with a referral.

Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC)

The Problem:
Navigating a Disjointed System


Holistic care, and thoughtful integration of health and social services, require partners, willing to change systems to meet the needs of the community; not force the family to meet the needs of the systems.

ROI:  Connecting people to the full set of social and health supports they need provides a positive return on investment. Value-based care is evolving from a medical model to community-based, individual engagement.

We are thankful for the amazing community services organizations and families who are working together to design and provide services within this space!

  • Collaborative partners providing services on-campus include: Access Housing, Creative Treatment Options, the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County with Maria Droste Counseling, Front Range Clinic, Kids First Health Care, Kids in Need of Dentistry with Colorado Orthodonic Foundation, and Tri-County Health Care.
  • Collaborative partners in the community include: Adams County, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams 14 School District, Commerce City, Colorado Access, and Food Bank of the Rockies, along with several community/family members.
  • To learn more about the services offered on campus – visit the Services/Servicios tab at the top of this page.

This would help us cut down on driving; being able to access many services in one day – so only have to ask for one day off of work

Adams County Resident & Service Client

This saves on time and mis-communication between different organizations and families – which also saves time for families not having to repeat information.

Adams County Resident & Service Client